Sustainable ‘Kramer’: UCT Centre of Criminology

UCT Centre of Criminology

At Project 90 by 2030 we are always on the hunt for what we call “Climate Champions”. These are individuals or groups of people who just get in there, take action and make simple changes in their lifestyle/behaviour and in living more sustainably. There are probably many to speak about, but we will be be highlighting a few on this blog and our web site. So here’s our first edition of Climate Champions!

In 2008, the Centre of Criminolgy based in the Faculty of Law at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT), embarked on a sustainability project in response to the broader UCT Sustainability Plan. The Sustainability Plan is commited towards energy savings, carbon emissions reduction, recycling and water conservation.The sustainability project led to a report which identified changes possible in helping UCT improve its sustainability, both at a practical and a policy level, and form part of its “operational plan”.

Why Kramer? Kramer was selected as an ideal building for a study of this kind as in many ways it represents a microcosm of UCT, in housing everything from lecture theaters to libraries and administrative offices to public spaces. It was felt that many of the changes suitable for Kramer could also be applied to other buildings across campus.

The principle aim of this project was to prove that significant and sustainable savings in resources could be made both simply and economically, with fast payback periods, and implemented without a high degree of technical experience.

The result? A jam packed report which highlights the significant financial and environmental benefits for the Kramer building and UCT. It includes data from waste and energy audits, and a carbon footprint calculation. Many of the suggestions in the report have now been implemented at the Kramer building. These actions range from installing magnetic ballasts, CFL’s, sensors, waterless urinals, waste bins, and educational posters throughout the building.

All of this happened because of the enthusiasm of a few dedicated Centre of Criminolgy staff. In particular Tom Herbstein, who leads the sustainability project, together with the support and help of Professor Clifford Shearing and others at the Law Faculty, and the Energy Research Centre

To read the full report, Click Here.

Go Climate Champions!

Tom Herbstein

Picture: Tom Herbstein – Centre of Criminology


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  1. Good luck for your project!

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