The London Summit 2009

London Summit

On 2 April 2009, world leaders from the G20 countries – representing 85% of the world’s output – will meet in London.

“World leaders are meeting at next week’s London G20 Summit to tackle an economic crisis — we desperately need them to agree to a bold global rescue package to stimulate, regulate and fundamentally reform the global economy, and drive a green recovery”, says Avaaz – a not-for-profit global campaigning organization.

The London Summit will take place against the backdrop of exceptionally challenging economic circumstances. But, just as after the Second World War visionary leaders laid the groundwork for 30 years of prosperity and growth, built on international economic cooperation, this crisis is also an opportunity.
The world’s leading economies can come together and lay the foundations not just for a sustainable economic recovery, but also for a genuinely new era of international economic partnership – a global deal, in which all countries have a part to play and all will see the benefits.

But how effective has this group been in the past, and how willing are participating countries to play their part to secure a sustainable future for us all? And should we leave it up to them, or should we as citizens be demanding “better funds to prevent vulnerable emerging economies from collapsing, properly regulate global financial markets and to democratise institutions like the International Monetary Fund?”

Our own Finance Minister, Mr. Trevor Manuel will be at the Summit. He recently met with Lord Stern, Director of the Asia Research Centre at London School of Economics, in Cape Town. After their meeting they interviewed each other about their hopes and visions for the London Summit. To view these videos, click here.

Many organizations are running campaigns to lobby the leaders of the G20 group to be committed to securing tangible agreements that will benefit us all. Show your support by visiting these web sites: Avaaz, the World Development Movement, Put People First, and the Alternative London Summit 2009!

For more information on the London Summit 2009, visit the web site – Stability, growth, jobs!


The 90 by 2030 Team


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