Book Review: Going green – 365 ways to change our world


Dear friends,

A current inspiration at our office is a new book by author and weatherman Simon Gear titled: Going Green, 365 ways to change our world, published by Penguin Books. Brenda Martin, our Director, recently penned this review in our March 2009 newsletter (to receive our monthly newsletter, send us an email with your name/surname). Thanks Simon and Penguin Books for our very own copy!

“I spent a delightful afternoon flipping through this book when our ADSL Internet access was down for three days recently. Over the next week I kept it by my bedside to dip into and enjoyed finding all sorts of novel tips in areas I had not even considered – like greening your retirement! My favourites were definitely on pages 15, 57 and 94. And of course I was delighted to find that he suggests formation of a 90 by 2030 Club on page 187.

Simon Gear is an outstanding weatherman and now we also know that he writes in an engaging, and wonderfully humorous way that will make you want to act in your home and community – immediately! His introduction is beautifully written (don’t miss it!) and things only improve from there on. I used bits of recycled paper to mark the greatest  (most-unusual-laugh-out-loud-funniest) tips I found and kept running out of paper. Go out and buy this book today!”

Click here for a video of Simon speaking about his book. To purchase/order, visit Penguin Books, or find it at your trusted book retailer.

The 90 by 2030 Team


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