Earth Day

Thursday 22 April is Earth Day, a day celebrated around the world to highlight and promote awareness of the need to protect our fragile planet. Now, more than ever with the threats of climate change, pollution, habitat destruction, water scarcity and biodiversity loss we need to ensure the survival of our world and her inhabitants.

This will be the 40th Earth Day and we at Project 90 by 2030 urge everyone to take one small step this Thursday to show your commitment to protecting your world.

Here are some ideas that you could pledge to do on Earth Day:

  • Use our carbon calculator to work out your carbon footprint here: http://www.90×
  • Plant an indigenous tree
  • Organise a litter clean-up
  • Write a list of green goals that you aim to complete by Earth Day next year
  • Don’t drink bottled water
  • Start a recycling system at your home or work
  • Have a vegetarian day
  • Make a donation to an environmental cause
  • Talk to your friends and colleagues about what you can do to change your lifestyles
  • Buy locally produced food

Here is a great Greenpeace video about protecting our planet:


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