Project 90 launches 2010 Climate Challenge

We are very excited about the launch of our 2010 Climate challenge last Friday. Project 90 has partnered with 9 organisations working nationally to raise awareness of the need to cut carbon. In partnership these 10 organisations will pool their efforts to inspire their networks to help build a groundswell of forward thinking South Africans committed to changing the way they live today in order to be ready to respond to future challenges of climate change.

There are five Challenge themes: energy efficiency (simply using less), renewable energy, saving water, conscious travel (driving and flying less; walking and cyling more) and reducing waste.

The 2010 Climate Challenge extends to all South Africans and you can sign up too.

To launch the 2010 Climate Challenge seven dedicated Project 90 cyclists joined the Bicycle Empowerment Network Redhill Charity Challenge on 23 May in Simonstown. Between them the team managed to cycle a total of 290 km up one of the biggest hills in the Cape.

Visit our facebook page to see more photos of the event.
Click here for more information about the Project 90 2010 Climate Challenge

Watch the video:

BEN Red Hill Charity Challenge from ecobuzz on Vimeo.


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