Join the 2010 Climate Challenge

As you know, Project 90 launched our 2010 Climate Challenge last week which extends to all South Africans committed to changing the way they live today.   

There are a large variety of challenges in the 2010 campaign that you could take up. We will award prizes for best achievers!

1. Measurable on-line challenge submissions can now be made in these categories:
a. For schools – targets for carbon footprint reduction projects that will aim for at least 10% reduction by the end of 2010.
b. For companies – On-line submission of targets for 10% energy savings by means of physical technology changes in their operations. 
c. Targets to save water and reduce water footprints by at least 10% by December 2010.
d. Targets to reduce travel carbon footprints by at least 10% by December 2010.
e. Targets to reduce carbon footprints on waste – reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill by 10% by December 2010.

On-line submissions can be made on the I am changing the world website:

2. The Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN) South Africa is challenging all commuters to achieve targets for utilising their bicycles instead of driving their cars, as well as achieving targets for simply using their bicycles more often for additional reasons. This includes using the bicycle as a way to keep fit & healthy. You can register your participation in this challenge on the I am changing the world website.

3. The South Africa chapter of is challenging South Africans to make the tenth day of the tenth month of the millennium’s tenth year a real marker for concrete climate action. They’re calling it the 10/10 Global Work Party, to reduce emissions by 10% this year and each year ahead of us until we’re living carbon-light! Register your work party pledge at

4. In partnership with I am Changing the World we are running a monthly photo campaign as part of the 2010 Climate Challenge – the theme for this month is ‘Keeping warm without using Electricity’ – we do ask that you bear in mind we do have lots of younger followers so send in clean pictures only! Your photos can be submitted here:

5. In partnership with Activist! we will run an on-line campaign for government to invest in 4 million free domestic solar water heaters instead of building new dirty power stations. And look out for Activist! flashmob alerts in your area. Activist website: will have the on-line campaign up in the next few weeks.

6. Send us your ideas for cutting carbon each month here: We will feature the best ideas received in our newsletter each month.


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