Going to see a game…? Here are some green tips to remember.

FIFA has a green goal campaign as part of their initiatives relating to the 2010 world cup. This includes a comprehensive waste management element – so if you are going to a game, please remember to sort your waste – all plastics are being recycled in the specially marked recycle bins and wet waste is being separated from other waste to ensure efficient and effective waste management.

Of course how you get to the game can dramatically affect the carbon emissions of your trip – and public transport really is an effective solution (and this is not just clever marketing, we took the public transport options and they worked brilliantly!). Metro rail is a great option for city stadia (and means you miss the traffic) with Rea Vaya being an effective solution too (with dedicated bus lanes in most cases, you also miss the traffic this way!). Of course park and ride facilities are convenient and effective, and if you are going to drive directly to a stadium for one of the park and walk options, take some friends with you. This will all cut down on your carbon emissions, and is a whole lot more fun!

In Cape Town drinking water fountains have been placed along the fan mile so you won’t need to buy bottled water, with its very high carbon footprint.

 Enjoy the game!

 (Viva Bafana Bafana!)


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