Coal – soon to be a blast from the past…?

We say: let the explosion on Sunday signal a renewable energy explosion for the future!  

The Athlone cooling towers are due to be demolished at 12 noon this Sunday, 22 August 2010.

Project 90 will be hosting a mini celebration at Rhodes Memorial to watch the demolition of the towers – a symbol of our dependence on coal – and express our desire to create a new sustainable and low-carbon energy future for South Africa.

We will also be promoting our Solar Water Heating (SWH) campaign which calls for Government to buy 4 million SWHs instead of spending R60 billion on Kusile, yet another high-carbon coal power station.  If you haven’t already supported our campaign, illustrate your commitment to living a low carbon lifestyle by signing our petition here:

We look forward to seeing you at Rhodes memorial on Sunday at 12 noon!

The future we would like to see:


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