P90 clubs clean up a storm


60 pupils from 8 of the Project 90 Core clubs in KZN helped clean up an area along the Umgeni River in Howick and then spend a fun morning at Umgeni Valley Nature Reserve on World Clean Up Day on 18 September. 

The morning started with everyone meeting outside Nocqaza Primary School to assist the school with the terrible litter problem that they experience right outside their school. This school lies very close to the Umgeni River so the litter collecting  exercise benefitted the school and prevented more waste from being washed into the river. It was a heart warming sight to see so many school children coming together to work for a common cause for a community some of them do not even know. (See our flikr photos) 

After roughly one and a half hours the children had picked up 55 bags and were starting to get tired as it was a very hot day. We decided to make our way to Umgeni Valley.  Luckily there were lovely clean facilities there for washing hands before having our tea in the shade if the yellowwood trees at the offices. 

We then walked down to the “pine trees”, a well known spot for picnics.

After arriving at the picnic spot we had the opportunity for each school to come up to the front, be introduced to the group and tell a little about what they were doing for the environment. 

After this we played the “Puzzling Climate Change” game. The Dodo team narrowly beat the Zebra team but all got prizes in the end!  By this time everyone was happy to see the packed lunches coming out !  I am sure everyone had a good time, and as one Michaelhouse boy said “When are we going to do this again, Mam?” 

Apologies from St Annes School who could not be present on this day, but sent girls down to PMB to help clean up the banks of the Duzi on Friday afternoon. 

A most sincere thank you to those teachers and learners who gave up their time on a Saturday morning to pick up other people’s rubbish. Thanks to them the world is now a better place! 

Report by KZN Clubs Coordinator, Liz Taylor


2 responses to “P90 clubs clean up a storm

  1. You guys were a lot more successful than the Cape Town gang! We went to Woodbridge Island beach to pick up litter, only to find the beach was sparkling clean. We found out today that another group had been there that morning and done a huge clean up! Well, they did a great job and next time we’ll be sure to go earlier!

  2. Powerful but beautiful!

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