Project 90 Winning Clubs Announced

Northcliff High School - Johannesburg

Brescia House Primary School – Johannesburg

At the end of each year Project 90×2030 awards prizes to the best performing Project 90 Clubs across the country. This year clubs activities to cut carbon ranged from energy and water efficiency programmes to food gardens, retrofitting and general raising of awareness. Schools that have been awarded merit awards acknowledging efforts being taken to reduce emissions in the form of prizes selected to assist the schools activities include St Anne’s College in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Brescia House Primary School and Northcliff High School in Johannesburg and Springfield Convent, St Georges and Somerset College in Cape Town.

South Peninsula High School - Cape Town

The best performing Project 90 Club for 2010 is South Peninsula School in Cape Town. This Club has implemented a range of initiatives ranging from planting of water friendly indigenous gardens to constructing a food garden in a tunnel on the school premises and implementing changes on site based on an energy audit done at the school. A notable project undertaken by South Peninsula was a travel audit to explore how learners get to school – and resulted in a lift sharing programme where learners and their parents could see who lives near to them in order to economise on travel to and from school and hence save on carbon emissions (and time and money too!). Their prize is the installation of a solar panel system to assist in running the computers in the school’s computer room, and thereby significantly cut down on energy use in this high energy area.

Project 90 clubs are formed as part of the activities of Project 90 x 2030. Clubs undertake to implement activities towards an annual 10% reduction in the carbon footprint of the school with the advice and assistance of Project 90. Schools form clubs consisting of dedicated learners who meet regularly to plan activities at their school in order to effect these carbon emissions. In addition to this, clubs are invited to regional events to share ideas and to gather knowledge with club members from other schools.


One response to “Project 90 Winning Clubs Announced

  1. How wonderful! Well done to all Project 90 Clubs. You are Leaders and Changemakers and an inspiration to your peers. So proud to have been involved with Clubs this year. Keep it rolling: 2011 and beyond!!

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