New green office toolkit launched

Have you watched in dismay as hundreds of sheets of paper are wasted at your office? Regretfully thrown away your tins and plastic as there is no recycling scheme at work? Been frustrated when you arrive at your desk in the morning and all the lights have been left on overnight? Tired of asking your colleagues to turn their computers off at night?  Today we launch section 1 of our toolkit for cutting carbon – in offices! Available to download for free on our website, this toolkit will help you to transform your office into an environmentally friendy and sustainable work environment. And it will help save your company money too!  

Section 1 consists of a booklet packed with ideas for greening your office and is made up of 5 sub-sections:

  1.  An overview of the 2 main sections in the toolkit.
  2. Energy-wise: guidelines for how you can make simple changes to cut your office energy demand and improve your work environment.
  3. Waste-wise:  the law of supply and demand will kick in before long – as resources dwindle, prices will go up. It makes economic and environmental sense to reduce consumption. Ideas for reducing waste in your operations.
  4. Water-wise: only 3% of Earth’s water is freshwater and only 1% is useable by humans. As economies grow, so will the demand for water and you’ve got it, so will the price! By reducing your water consumption you can save money and cut carbon.
  5. Travel-wise: ideas for freeing up travel time so that you have more productive and fun activities.

All content for Section 1 has been developed by Hin Wah Li and Rob Zipplies (author of Bending the Curve) edited the package. You’ll find great tips scattered throughout and suggested further reading at the end.

Section 2 of the office toolkit will be launched in a few weeks and it will consist of an on-line audit tool that you can use to enter and track your office’s baseline carbon footprint info, set targets for cutting carbon and work out how much you are saving – money & carbon! We will alert you as soon as the on-line audit tool goes live on our website. This tool will be available freely to all.

Have a look at Section 1 of the toolkit and do send us your feedback so that we can (as always) stay sharp and ensure we bring you material that is relevant, accurate and that can enable you to immediately – cut carbon!

View the Office Toolkit

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