Off with your lights!

Watch out! If you don’t turn off your lights for Earth Hour tomorrow the moths will get you! Watch this video if you don’t believe me…

Tomorrow is Earth Hour from 8:30 – 9:30pm and hundreds of millions of people will transcend race, religion, culture, society, generation and geography by joining together to switch off their lights in a global celebration of their commitment to protect the one thing that unites us all – the planet.

Individuals, businesses and governments across the globe will all be participating and some of the world’s most iconic landmarks will go dark – the Statue of Liberty, Table Mountain and the Sydney Opera House to name a few.

It all sounds a little touchy feely I know, and you may be asking yourself what is the point? What difference will it make? How much carbon will really be saved in only one hour?

But, this worldwide movement is not only about that one hour. The Earth Hour campaign urges people to go beyond the hour and start to make small changes to the way they live in order to live more sustainably on the earth. It is a symbolic hour, allowing us to be inspired and feel that we are part of a worldwide movement, rather than just sitting in the dark on our own.

So, go for it! Turn off your lights, light a candle or gaze at the stars but know that you are one of millions of people acting to make a difference on our planet. Here’s another great video – watch to the end and you’ll see Table Mountain’s lights being switched off last year.

More information:
The Earth hour website provides an excellent information pack with activities and information about the movement:


3 responses to “Off with your lights!

  1. Here is my Earth Hour-inspired commitment for 2011. I already recycle as much as I can of what I use – I pay a company called Ecomonkey to fetch it. My commitment is to email any company whose product I have bought, where the product turns out not to have recyclable packaging, to ask them why they do not switch to recyclable packaging. I will email one company a week.

  2. Wow July, that’s great to hear! Keep us posted on any responses you get.

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