Win a bottle of eco-friendly dishwashing liquid

There are various eco-friendly dishwashing liquids on the market that allow you to clean while minimising your impact on the environment. our Project 90 team tested a few and these are our results:

Better Earth dishwashing liquid

Better Earth dishwashing liquid did a great job on tough greasy dishes without coating them with a layer of soap or excessive foam in the sink. The grimiest of dishes were cleaned superbly. The liquid rinses away well, cleans well, and is gentle on hands. A firm favourite amongst the Project 90 team!

Pick and Pay Green

PnP Green worked wonders! A low-priced product that requires a small amount of liquid to foam up, and wash an entire sink of dishes.  All packaging in the PnP Green range is made according to environmentally sound principles and is 100% recyclable.

Earth Sap

Earth Sap – even though this product has all the eco-friendly advantages, such as no dyes, bleach, artificial fragrances or preservatives, we found it to be slightly weak. It requires a large amount of liquid to foam up the sink and get through the grime.  It was easy to clean dishes like glasses or cutlery, but we’re not convinced this is your answer to cleaning up after a big dinner party.

Do you use an eco-friendly cleaning product that you could recommend? Let us know what eco-friendly household products you use at home, and you could win a bottle of Pick ‘n Pay Green dishwashing liquid, kindly sponsored by Pick ‘n Pay. Just post us a comment below by 30 April.

11 responses to “Win a bottle of eco-friendly dishwashing liquid

  1. Nenette Mougeot

    I use just basic soap and water but would love to try these!!

  2. Better Earth dishwashing liquid is fantastic!

  3. I haven’t tried any Eco- Friendly products yet but I’m keen to make the switch.

  4. We have used Woolworths green dishwashing liquid. Smells nice, but you seem to need a lot to make some foam. Have slipped back to faithful standby Sunlight. Of the evil colours – they could edit that out for a start.

  5. Orange express is the best! I’m not sure how green it is but definitely biodegradable

  6. I recently started using the Probac range of home cleaners and am absolutely loving them. No more harsh ammonia based Handy Andy’s or the like in my home! The probac range use a combination of biodegradable cleaners with good bacteria that attach teh bad bacteria. Instead of wiping out all bacteria in your home, this product helps establish good bacteria in your home, a natural cleaning agent! You can buy large concentrated bottles that decant into smaller spray bottles at very reasonable pricing. Going green is no longer not affordable.

  7. I’ve tried two other green dishwashing products and then converted to the PnP Green Dishwashing Liquid after trying it. Feedback from the char (who initially wasn’t impressed that Sunlight was no longer an option!) and ourselves is positive – besides the green aspect, it’s good value for money in terms of size and quantity of product per wash therefore lasts longer, the liquid is neither too thick or too runny, there is a little foam so less rinsing is needed, it’a versatile product so can be used safely to clean other kitchen or sensitive items, and the lid fits tightly and get build up. So yes, I’m sold! And I’ve since converted to ALL the PnP Greeen range of products for similar reasons and they’ve just launched a few more in the green range.

  8. I tried Earth sap a year or so ago and it was a true waste of money – no foam, no clean! I finally reverted back to sunlight liquid for hygiene and economic reasons, but now will try the Pick ‘n Pay one since you’ve recommended it. Thanks P90!

  9. Congratulations to our five winners of a bottle of Pick ‘n Pay Green dishwashing liquid! Belinda, Kim, Elephant’s Eye, Desh and Nenette please send me your postal details so that we can send you a bottle.

  10. Hi sad to say that i haven’t tried any eco friendly products to date.I am willing to make the switch. I have to say that when i’m shopping i don’t take the time to read through the products, just too much to do.

  11. Hi Andrea, I am so trying to get Orange Express, it works like a dream. Really it took the muck off my grout in between my tiles in the bathroom, and it is biodegradable. Enviroment friendly, yeh. Unfortunately i dont know where to get this marvellous product.

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