My favourite green pleasure

As you know, we at Project 90 set ourselves a carbon challenge each month. Last month we tried something a little different, and instead of depriving ourselves, we decided to spend one day doing our favourite green thing. It was a great way to confirm our belief that going green doesn’t mean going without, but brings many other benefits to your life.

Those of you that know me well, will know that drinking wine is one of my favourite pleasures, so what better way to spend my green day by going wine tasting.. by bicycle! Richard and I went to Tulbagh for the weekend and spent a wonderful sunny Saturday cycling and wine tasting at 6 nearby wine farms. You can get a wine tasting cycling map from the tourist office, and our B&B rented special bicycle panniers to carry wine, should you wish to buy a bottle or two. I hope you enjoy these pictures that I took.

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3 responses to “My favourite green pleasure

  1. I’m going to go green by walking to the pub an drinking rum and coke all day.

  2. How noble of you John! What sacrifices you make! 😉

  3. Just as well you are not doing that today. It is raining steadily ;~)

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