R6 million, 9 months, 10 sites and one hell of a team!

Solar lighting kits in Maryanne Hill, KZN

In October 2010 we received R6 million from the German Ministry of Cooperation (BMZ) via our partner in Germany, Misereor. This funding would pay for the implementation of a Renewable energy demonstration sites project in South Africa. The project began in the latter part of October 2010 and was  completed last week on June 30th.

The primary objective of the project is to showcase a range of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies at 10 sites that members of the public can visit easily. Non-profit sites have been selected on the basis of their engagement with and exposure to the public and their commitment to shifting to cleaner energy sources in order to cut carbon and reduce negative impacts on the environment and to save money spent on fossil-based energy supply.

Solar water heater at the Catholic Welfare and Development site

Project 90 by 2030’s vision is to cut carbon significantly by 2030. We aim to do this mainly by addressing lifestyle change particularly in the areas of energy, transport, water, waste and water use. The demonstration sites project enables us to physically showcase how clean energy use and energy efficiency can be utilised in day to day life without negatively impacting on productivity and wellbeing. It provides the opportunity to test the use of different renewable energy technologies and a wide range of education opportunities on energy efficiency.

Summary of the 15 installations:

In Cape Town 7.5 kW Solar PV system provides sufficient electricity to cover 50% of the Goedgedacht farm’s daily operational energy needs.

At the Two Oceans Aquarium 2 kW Solar PV and 1 kW Wind turbines provides 50% of the administration section’s energy requirements.

Biogas digester beiing installed at Mthimkulu Village Centre, Kleinmond


Mthimkulu Village training centre in Kleinmond biogas, a water- & energy-efficient ablution block and Solar panels make up a closed loop of energy supply around the cooking school.

3 social welfare centres of the Catholic Welfare & Development NGO have been provided with solar water heating, cooking & lighting installations.

In Kwa Zulu Natal the Durban Botanical gardens utilises the energy from 2 x 2.1 kW solar panel arrays mounted to tracking systems to run their visitors centre.

Durban Botanical Gardens solar array

 Reichenau mission station has been supported with a grant of R100,000 to complete work on the installation of a 25 kW hydro electric system to provide energy to the local primary school and in the Marianhill area 50 very poor households have been fitted with solar lighting kits.

Wessa’s Umgeni valley site has been provided with a grant of R100,000 to complete a range of renewable energy and energy efficiency installations there.

A solar powered golf cart at the Pretoria Zoo

In Gauteng the National Zoo in Pretoria has been supplied with two electric golf carts fitted with solar panel roofs to ferry visitors and a 3.75 kW solar PV system to top up the charge when needed. The surplus energy produced by the solar array is fed into the zoo’s supply to offset electricity requirements.

Johannesburg zoo has the country’s first ‘zoo poo’ biogas installation and a 3.75 kW Solar PV system powers the visitor’s centre. The cheetah enclosure’s electric fence has been converted to a solar powered system.

Johannesburg Zoo solar panels

At Sci Bono discovery centre, an example of an “off grid” solar system supplies power for lighting the entire visitor’s area.

In Limpopo a computer room at the Tshulu Trust community centre which previously had no access to electricity is now powered by a 4 kW Solar PV system enabling the local community to make use of facilities for 12 hours per day.

Read more about this project on our website here http://www.90×

3 responses to “R6 million, 9 months, 10 sites and one hell of a team!

  1. Wow! I am so unbelievably delighted about this Project: practical, realistic, transformational. Here’s to seeing it grow and grow and grow….

  2. I was very interested to read through this post.I wanted to thank you personaly for taking your time collecting all these valuable information!

  3. I am extremely excited at this Project. It’s a truly revolutionary and interesting development. I am a Zimbabwen citizen currently living and working in South Africa. I will no doubt take with me these amazing ideas back home soon with a view to empower disadvantaged communities there and hopefully see this phenomenon grow bigger and bigger. Well done Project 90×2030. Help us please share this experience with you.
    Thank you.

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