Ho Ho Ho – Merry Thriftmas

International Buy Nothing Day is on 26 November

Need ideas for gifts for Christmas this year? Here are a few ideas to get you into the spirit of giving at Christmas without having to dig into the depths of your pockets for the latest iToys and iThings.

A number of well-established charitable organisations such as Oxfam and World Vision now offer charitable gifts, where you can choose from contributing towards providing safe water for a community, to supporting entrepreneurs with their business ideas, to providing tools for a farmer and education for girls. There is also the Greater Good SA website where donations will go towards local charities and initiatives. Or you can buy a tree from Greenpop  for R75 which will be planted as part of a community greening programme.

Most of us have engrained in our psyche the need to buy ‘new’ presents for birthdays and Christmas. Ever thought about organising an exchange market/party? People bring along with them on the day – books, clothes, DVDs, toys and anything else they no longer have a need for, and then people can choose something(s) to take home with them.

And what about getting those creative juices flowing and create some personalised gifts? There are many fantastic websites, full of excellent ideas from popsicle soaps to snowman soup and Christmas survival kits. See the Homemade Gift ideas website which has great ideas for home made gifts and Frugal Living website for  for more great gift ideas.

For those of us who are more abstemious – Saturday 26th November, International Buy Nothing Day, will serve to provide some good ideas for a Buy Nothing Christmas. Some ideas for actions on Buy Nothing Day include: organising a Buy Nothing Day hike or “Whirl-mart” where participants silently steer their shopping carts around a supermarket but without putting anything in their cars or making any purchases. For more ideas see:

With all these ideas and more – you’re sure to have a wonderful and Merry Thriftmas!

If you have any Christmas ideas that require less buying and are more about the spirit of giving, families and communities – we’re keen to hear about them!

2 responses to “Ho Ho Ho – Merry Thriftmas

  1. I really like the “experiences rather than things” gift idea. This could involve arranging a special event/ activity for a loved one. The bonus is the person getting the gift doesn’t have to find a place for more potential clutter. Setting a date for the experience after Christmas means they get to keep celebrating into the new year.

  2. I like the experience idea! It also means you spend quality time with your friend doing something you both enjoy. 🙂

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