Saving energy in your kitchen

Here are some great tips to help you conserve energy in the kitchen while cooking your favourite meal.

  • Cut food into smaller pieces – allowing food to cook more quickly
  • Keep stove top clean – burnt foodstuff absorbs heat;  stove top becomes less efficient
  • Check oven door is properly sealed – leaks impact of energy efficiency and consumption of oven
  • Make note of seasonal foods – locally sourced, seasonal  foods should have a smaller carbon footprint

  • Use a steamer to cook vegetables – vegetables can be  layered and cooked on one element
  • Use a pressure cooker for cooking pulses, stews, etc. –  speeds up cooking process
  • Choose flat bottomed pans for electric hobs – ensuring  full contact between the ring and pan
  • Choose the right pans – copper-bottomed pans heat up quicker than stainless steel and cast-iron pans retain  heat more efficiently
  • Put a lid on the pan while cooking
  • Make one-pot meals – reduce cooking energy and  washing up
  • Cook for the week – freeze what you don’t need
  • Turn electric stove top and oven off five to ten minutes  before cooking time is up – use residual heat to finish the cooking process
  • Use just enough water to cover vegetables – reducing  cooking time
  • Keep food warm with a Wonderbag

  • Allow warm food to cool before placing them in the fridge
  • Ensure air can circulate around the back of fridge and  freezer
  • Set to the right temperature – ensures food is kept  effectively and no extra energy is used to keep the  refrigerator at a lower temperature
  • Locate the fridge or freezer away from heat sources such  as a cooker or in direct sunlight
  • Keep fridge full – conserves energy better

Happy cooking!


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