Annual Club Conferences are a great success

Western Cape Project 90 club members

 Western Cape Clubs Conference- 25th February

All the core clubs in the Western Cape attended the conference which was hosted at St. Georges Grammar.  A perfect urban setting with bus and train links just up the road and an incredible view of Devils Peak rising high in the distance.

To start off the day two of the club members, Antaya and her sister Valerie, greeted the other  Project 90 Clubs and welcomed them to their school. Stephen Davis, our Project 90 behaviour change expert, led the first session of the morning and took the club members through a visioning exercise where they were challenged to think about their current club and their ideal club. They were then asked to illustrate them both on pieces of paper and discuss them in small groups. They were encouraged to consider the personal qualities they possess and could develop to create their ideal club into a reality. It was very powerful to have the space to reflect and project visions for the future. At the same time, Glen Tyler held a discussion with the teachers from each of the schools, where they highlighted similar challenges and explored ways to work with and support each other in 2012.

Throughout the day the club members interacted with each other from other clubs, enjoyed a lekker vegetarian lunch provided by the school caterers and took part in a photography workshop in the afternoon. They also had the opportunity to plan their projects for the year. A large majority of clubs were focussing on recycling projects whilst educating people on what and how to recycle at their school. One school will be working on a transport project encouraging and inspiring their friends to take the bus rather than being dropped off at school by car. It is our hope that by the end of the year we’ll be able to assess the clubs for both qualitative and quantitative impacts.

The conference in Cape Town also kicked off the start of our new mentorship programme in association with the Green Campus Initiative at the UCT and with Eco Maties at Stellenbosch University. Each club in the Western Cape were assigned a mentor that will offer their support in 2012. The mentors are all studying different degrees from business studies to law, but they all hold a passion for the environment and possess a willingness to give and inspire. It really is an exciting year ahead in Cape Town.

Gauteng Project 90 club members

Club coordinator Happy Khambule gives us a glimpse into “what went down…” at the Gauteng Conference

Club members from Northcliff High School, Deutsch School Johannesburg, Pretoria Boys High, The Johannesburg Zoo Club and Immaculata Secondary School all attended the Gauteng Conference on 10th March.

The conference had feel of enthusiasm and of the unknowing. The theme for the day was team names and war cries. Each club throughout the day had to come up with a club name, this name will be used to identify clubs for the duration of the year until the next conference and their war cry would be their anthem as a club, and will be performed at any and all events to which the club attends. The artistic expression and spirit being the backbone of the day, the clubs had to conjure up this year’s carbon cutting projects, these being self generated projects in their respective areas of interest. The day was spent generating concrete project ideas, on developing team identities as well as war cries, and on clubs networking with each other.

At the end of the day, the conference was capped off with a walk about of the Project 90 Renewable Energy Demonstration sites at the Johannesburg Zoo. Clubs were exposed to solar powered carts, bio-digesters and solar PV systems.

Kwa-Zulu Natal Project 90 club members

Nqobile shares some touching stories from the KZN Conference

Outside the catholic church half a kilometre away from Songyongwana High School, The KZN Project 90 Clubs were slowly gathering singing, dancing and proudly displaying their school banners ready to march to their local community centre where the KZN Conference would take place on 3rd March.

Once the clubs had arrived they had the opportunity to present themselves to the rest of the group. Some of the most poignant words came from Bhanoyi High School ‘We are the learners from Bhanoyi school representing Project 90 by 2030. We are nature lovers, we dare to change and we know there is no such word as change without the willingness and the passion to read the signs of our time and to be fully committed to growing and learning.’

After the presentations the club members started a session on sustainability of natural resources. They focussed on the elements and split into smaller groups. In and around the communities of the Project 90 schools in KZN water is a huge theme. Most schools do not have running water and have to fetch it from a bore hole or from a river nearby. After holding a group discussion, they decided to present their feedback using poetry and song. They sang – ‘The water there, the one is there, in the river, the joyous, with peace and love you can only find it there’

All in all it was high fives all round, with a high turn out in each region. Our club members gained new skills and were able to create new networks with other schools. Each year we witness the clubs growing from strength to strength and it’s so wonderful to meet new faces and to build bonds with the old ones. Thank you to everyone who was involved in participating and creating the club conferences in 2012.

Daniel – National Clubs Coordinator.

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