Getaway or Stayaround?

Local holidays are just as fun!

We have the privilege to live in the Mother City – often cited as the most beautiful city in the world! So, why should we get away further then a 1 hour drive? Those tempting weekend offers on luxurious lodges around the country are just a short flight or a few hours drive away! But what does such a trip actually mean to the environment and to our pockets?

Some weekends ago we decided to look out for camping options within the City’s boundaries and luckily found that the City of Cape Town manages 13 resorts in and around town – for most affordable prices! We quickly checked with our friends and chose to give the Kogel Bay Resort a try. What a success! See above how much fun Linnea, Chora and Aluna had at the most beautiful beach one can just think of!

Have you ever wondered what the most sustainable way to travel around SA is? We have done an analysis on the different travel options available to get from Cape Town to JHB and Durban, looking at time, cost and CO2 emissions. Flying is five times more carbon costly than taking the coach. For more information on how to reduce your travel footprint visit our website: http://www.90× also did some research on the different options to travel between Cape Town, Durban and JHB comparing the carbon footrpint of each. Cape Town to Durban.

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