Project 90 Mentors lead the way

Club mentors

Each term the mentors visit the schools and stay in contact with the club members and teacher. Their role is to offer support in any way they can. As the year progresses we’re understanding that each club’s needs are different and so we aim to respond in a way that is most beneficial for each club. There are some clubs that need support to organise themselves, and others that already have a great structure in place. Some need support in developing ideas and others to implement and realise them.

There’s a lot of excitement about this new initiative and I really look forward to seeing the fruits of their hard work at the end of the year when the clubs and their projects are assessed.

If you or someone you know would like to get involved in this volunteer programme contact daniel@90×


My name is Hunadi Mokgalaka. I am doing my MSc in Geomatics Engineering at the University of Cape Town. I am the Project 90 Mentor for Macassar High School because I am passionate about the environment. In addition, in the past I have learned a lot about sustainable living and being a mentor gives me a chance to share that knowledge with like-minded young people who are also actively and visibly living their passion for the environment.

Paige Jenge

My name is Paige Jenje and I am one of the mentors for St. George’s Grammar School. I am currently doing my first year of Bachelor of Business Science at UCT. I am very passionate about the environment, even though I am a commerce student. At my old school I was the head of our Eco Club and was involved in many environmental initiatives including a project I hoped to start on my own by introducing recycling to townships in SA. When I heard about the opportunity to be a mentor at Project 90 I couldn’t resist, and so far I have learnt so much. I firmly believe that the youth are the future, and I am so glad to be a fellow youth helping Cape Town schools to reach an environmentally friendly and efficient future.

Becky Hughes

My name is Becky Hughes and I’m studying a BSc in Oceanography and Environmental and Geographical Science. I have a passion for the environment and working for our earth. I’ve been a part of Project 90 for 5 years, throughout high school as a Club member, and I want to continue working with this incredible Project as I know what a significant impact it can make in the lives of people, as well as positively impacting the earth.


My name is Nkosinathi Mncwabe. I am from Kwa-Zulu Natal. I am studying a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Environmental and Geographical Sciences. The reason I am a Project 90 mentor is because I have been involved with the environment for 2 years and was the founder of the Alexandra High School Enviro club. I am also a KZN Project 90 youth representative.


My name is Ramokone and I’m studying Chemistry and Mathematics. I joined the Project 90 mentorship programme to learn more about what’s happening in the environment in terms of carbon footprint, living green and how as I mentor I can help turn that around to make this a better planet to live in.


My name is Tamara Josephs and I am currently a third year student at Stellenbosch studying BA Development and Environmental studies. I first became involved through volunteering for Project 90 after hearing about the amazing work they are doing. I decided to become a mentor because it is a great opportunity for me to work with school clubs who are passionate about the environment and who really want to change the way their school interacts with the environment. It’s inspiring to see the learners’ enthusiasm when it comes to implementing their projects and I hope to help them in any way to be successful.


My name is Monique Rodgers and I am studying Film, French and Italian. I am passionate about family, good food and travelling. I’m also a DJ on UCT radio. I joined the Project 90 mentorship programme because I wanted to be a part of the green community. I also want to help spread the green word and I don’t think there is a better way in doing so than working with our youth.


My name is Sarah Cromhout and I am studying Business Science (Finance and Accounting). I am a Project 90 mentor because I want to break the stereotypical mould, ‘that people involved in commerce don’t care about the environment’. I am also excited to work with other young people to help shape our world.


My name is Pelokazi or PK for short. I’m a 2nd year Mechanical Engineering student. I would like to show that we can be more environmentally conscious no matter what age we are, and we can all make a difference.


My name is Daniella and I’m studying Actuarial Science. I became a Project 90 mentor because I wanted to help out and get involved, and think this is a great Project.

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