We love having interns

Nokubonga, our lovely intern!

I am Nokubonga , currently an intern at Project 90×2030. I am also a final year Commerce student at UCT- interested in saving the environment . A juxtaposition I know , but I reckon more business people should be interested in the environment –it would certainly make for a brighter future.

My journey with Project 90 has been an intense albeit a short one. In 2011 I joined the Project 90×2030 Youth Forum – a group of 14 dynamic youngsters from all over South Africa, doing some environmental work in their communities. I am a vegetarian and was teaching people about alternative lifestyles – low carbon, light living. We facilitated an intervention among the countries ‘top dogs’ businessmen and government policy officials – they had to account for the youth voice at climate negotiations. We poured our hearts and minds out to them, as heirs of the land –pleading for them to wake up and start making big green changes. The next was COP17 – climate youth activism at its best: varied, interactive and supportive- this meeting put me firmly on the green path.

Now I am interning at Project 90. Discovering the nitty gritty when it comes to green work. Everything from youth environmental clubs in schools to community driven renewable energy projects around the country. Project 90 projects are as diverse as its staff, from international interns to local homebodies (you know who you are)- I have experienced a broad based community with one ideal at heart- changing lifestyles 90%t by the year 2030.

I have a vision of green (eco ) villages throughout the world. Community based eco- conscious living. The only way these would be possible would be if we changed our economic model of development (hence the commerce degree ;)) by 360 degrees to one that is sustainable and supportive of values (integrity, love, peaceful) based  living as opposed to the current hedonistic opportunism that is destroying our human worth and our planet.

Nokubonga Mabaso

3 responses to “We love having interns

  1. How can I get myself serving as an Imntern at Project90? I am very interested. I have Bachelor of Environmental sciences and I have been involved in several renewable energy projects and sustainability

  2. Hi Percy, that’s great to know that you would like to get involved. Please send me an email to olivia@90× with some more information about yourself and we can chat further. Olivia

  3. Hope we will hear more from Nokubonga – triple bottom line is the way forward. Sustaining the 99% without destroying the environment.

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