We’ve been nominated for the annual Blog Awards!

Project 90 challenges South African’s to change the way they think and act to live more sustainably on the planet. We work with school children teaching them how to reduce their carbon footprints, we work with communities, providing them with access to renewable energy and we produce fact sheets, research and reports on climate change, environmental sustainability and renewable energy. We make inputs into Government policy and work closely with many other orgnaisations to enusre a sustainable future for South Africa.

We share our work, research and stories with our supporters on our Blog and are therefore extemely excited to be nominated for the annual Blog awards. Please support us by voting and help us to win the Best Green Blog of the year award. Voting closes 28 December. Just click on the picture below to vote. And please send to all your friends, family, colleagues, pets, neighbours, even ask your postman to vote!

Thank you!


One response to “We’ve been nominated for the annual Blog Awards!

  1. Hi, I can’t find the VOTE place to click on

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