Thank-you Nontando!


Nontando Bonga - always smiling and willing to help

Nontando Bonga – always smiling and willing to help

Volunteering at Project 90 has been an amazing and wholesome experience.

I was doing a research on energy storage technologies that are on the market, still on academic study and for the future. This research was from the International Renewable Energy Storage (IRES) conference. What I found most interesting about the research was that it’s so possible for South Africa to install long-term and short term energy technologies for energy conservation, not only for power plants but for households.

Not only did my knowledge expand in the chemical side but for once in my life I could be aware and updated on what is happening in the environment and on the international market when it comes to renewable energy and different technologies, which I have never heard about yet essential for sustaining the future. What also got me to get up and look forward to coming to work was the hospitality, love and friendliness I got from the team at Project 90. The fact that you feel at home as you ring the bell to get in and the small chats in the kitchen whilst making coffee and snacks, especially my last two weeks. I was challenged by the lifestyle of the people I work with, when they would talk about their consciousness about carbon footprints, and cutting down carbon, but as time went I could change and act on a lot of things in my life, and inform my family and neighbours- for example using the actual amount of water to make 1 cup of tea or using the back of used papers to make a booklet. As Daniel would say “You must always ask yourself this question….why am I doing what I’m doing”

I had the best supervisor in the world, where he directed and guided me both with work and just normal conversation. Rob’s passion about renewable energy and just his life inspired me as a young lady, I’m so grateful. I never heard about energy storage before, and to write and compile a research about it was something I thought would be a real challenge but Rob was here all the way and with his guidance to help me discover and learn like a professional in the field, that I even developed a great interest on renewable energy- it’s actually a field I think or rather am certain that I will branch into as a chemical engineer- it’s super cool.

Thank you all for the experience and really making me feel welcome in your team. I love you.

Nontando Bonga – Project 90 volunteer

One response to “Thank-you Nontando!

  1. Terry Robinson

    What an inspiration Nontando has been to me and must be to so many members of the community – renewable energy is the way to go!

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