Hello Henning


Henning will be selling wonderbags, stoves and Tshirts at various markets in Cape Town

My name is Henning Brand, I am a German born 28 year old, and have lived in Sweden most of my life. I come from a small town on the outskirts of Stockholm, called Järna, well-known for its ecological initiatives. Growing up in this town surrounded by a community committed to creating a world where people live in harmony with nature,  inspired me to devote my life to learning about and actively practicing sustainable ways of living.

In 2012 I attended a talk by Koeberg Alert Alliance (KAA). My girlfriend and I were horrified by the news of Eskom’s intention to build more nuclear power facilities in this beautiful country. We decided to do something to share this information! We helped KAA arrange a very productive conference bringing together many NGOs involved in global and local movement against nuclear power to develop a collective strategy for action. One of the partners that participated actively in the conference was Project 90 by 2030.

I was very impressed by their very strategic and kind presence, and said to myself that this is definitely an organisation I would like to work for. Less than a year later I find myself working as a volunteer at Project 90. My main tasks are to help develop Project 90’s volunteer policy and coordinating a South-South conference on renewable energy planned to take place in Cape Town in October 2013. This conference will bring together organisations of the South who focus on Renewable energy policy lobbying and advocacy and seek to identify game-changing actions to ramp up the local Renewable energy sector.

As a volunteer at Project 90 I really feel I’m involved in something big. To be part of getting this country to realise a greener future is something very rewarding. I have been volunteering for Project 90 for about a month now. Something that I really appreciate about working here is that we don’t only sit behind our computers, but we also get to visit communities and do a lot of practical work that changes people’s lives.

My love for learning and passion for contributing has led me to be involved in many projects in different parts of the world. I have learned that when people come together and share what they know with each other, magic happens.  And when this meeting is powerfully supported with the collective intelligence and intention of the group – these meetings can live on, not just in conversation but in action too.

I believe the challenges we face cannot be solved by one or even a handful of people. These are collective challenges where we need all the wisdom and knowledge we can gather. How do we create dynamic events with conversations where everyone’s voice can be heard and everyone’s contribution considered and valued? How do we translate these conversations to actions? This is what I look forward to learning more about at Project 90.

Henning Brand – Volunteer

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