Hope, light and a voice for the voiceless


KZN club members – proudly Project 90

“23rd of February was indeed a remarkable day in my life. It was full of inspirations and fun. I wish that such a space can be created for the youth in my country so that my fellow brothers and sisters out there can really find themselves. I want to be a leader which fights rights for all beings.

“Thanks a lot to Project 90 for opening this space for us.

“Viva Project 90. Be a hope, light and a voice for the voiceless. Bloom and be a flower even in the jungle.”- Ntando Juqu, Project 90 Club member.

All nine Project 90 clubs arrived safely at Ngwangwane community hall on the morning of our annual Clubs Conference in Kwa-Zulu Natal. We had 185 learners and teachers. The spirit was good and the energy was amazing and I was overwhelmed by the way the primary and high school Club members interacted with each other regardless of their grades.

We did our best to accommodate everyone, which was a challenge as we had such a wide range of ages, and organised a variety of tasks and games which allowed learners to work with members from different clubs. I was pleased to see they worked together very well.

The game for water saving challenged Clubs a lot. However it became a lesson and a reflection of what’s happening in their daily lives. If they were unable to save, this symbolized how fast their lives are; always in a rush to get other things done and never paying full attention to the amount of water they are using for each activity.

Quizzes helped Club members to realise that life is not about one thing but that it should be balanced. In order to make a significant change you have to be inspired, and can then inspire others. For inspiration you need people who you look up to. You also have to be open minded, willing to learn and know what is happening around you.


Who says learning can’t be fun!

Clubs had to present their Clubs project for the year and I was really impressed with great ideas and how clear club members were of how they want their projects to be. Most Clubs will be working on litter and cleanup campaigns and cultivating organic vegetable gardens at their schools.

I was impressed to hear clubs introducing their schools by mentioning environmental features. Reichenau Club members dug a garden last year and planted vegetables only for cows to come in and trample and eat everything!! For their project this year they are going to speak to their wider community about Project 90, to highlight what they are doing as a school as an inspiration for action. I was also attracted by KwaThunzi Club, Wow! What a creative Club. They prepared everything nicely on their poster, it was really amazing and unexpected from a primary school.

Songyongwana HS are keen to plant trees around their school but need to wait until all building has been completed. Last year their Club gave a successful presentation to their community about their environmental activities at their school. People from their community came to speak to them at their school and even at their houses for ideas and inspiration.

Kwathunzi primary school have been working on raising awareness in their school and their community through their projects. Last year they did a wonderful project where they collected chip packets and used the shiny foil to create solar cookers.

It was also a good idea that the teachers attended the conference as they were able to share ideas and motivate each other.

I saw that there are so many potential leaders in our Clubs: courageous and assertive young people who have so much to contribute. Thank you to everyone for your commitment and participation which made our Conference such a success.

Nqobile Masuku – Kwa-Zulu Natal Clubs Coordinator

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