French Connection


“Clarisse you’ll certainly be missed here in Cape Town. I’ve really enjoyed chatting about the clubs, strategizing and travelling to Gauteng and KZN with you. I’ll remember always being greeted with a smile and an air of positivity on a Monday morning.

I wish you all the best in completing your research project and finding somewhere that tops being at Project 90!!

En Francais… merci beaucoup pour votre soutien, Tu vas me manquer. Ne nous oubliez pas, d’accord? ciao et securitie du vol de retour en france et voila”.



My name is Clarisse Cheptou. I grew up in the countryside in a small village next to the city of Anders in the western part of France. After I graduated with a Physics and Instrumentation Degree in 2011, I studied Environmental Sciences in Holland and I am now enrolled for a Bachelor of Environmental Technology and Management at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

For my final graduation internship placement, I decided to consider countries in the developing world.

I was attracted by this fabulous country called South Africa. I discovered Project 90 by 2030 via a fellow student who had completed an internship in Cape Town. I was intrigued by their work and decided to contact them. I am very glad I did.

My final graduation project which is meant to be completed during this internship focuses on inspiring action and leadership amongst the youth to create an awareness of climate change. At Project 90, I am therefore closely involved with the Project 90 Clubs and supported by Daniel Robinson – the national Clubs coordinator. My main task is observation and analysis of the activities of Project 90 Clubs and thereby to identify possibilities and opportunities to extend the programme, identify more ways to take action and inspire youth leadership and effective methods to create awareness of climate change.

making a solar water heating system 2-800

Clarisse attending paractical action training with the P90 team

I have been interning at Project 90 for almost four months now. I have participated in the Project 90 Club events such as the annual conferences and I have visited different clubs at their schools. Through the different events, visits and meetings with the main role players of the Clubs’ programmes I have been in a good position to consider how best to inspire youth leadership in climate change.

Being involved with Project 90 particularly the Project 90 Clubs, I have become more aware of the urgency to take action. In South Africa I have realised that climate change it is a global concern which has an impact not only on the environment but also on the socio-economic situation in developing countries.

So far, my experience in South Africa and being part of Project 90 by 2030 has been truly rewarding. I have discovered a new culture where human relationships are strong. I have come to understand that it is fundamental to respect the culture of each individual in our work if we want to have an impact and infuse our message. I have learned a lot in terms of human relations especially that it is very important to communicate our shared values.

As a 21 year old student, doing a research project on inspiring action and leadership amongst the youth and in creating an awareness of climate change, it makes me feel part of the global community of youth showing leadership on climate change. After my five months’ experience with Project 90 I feel convinced that it is my responsibility to take action and contribute to wider awareness of climate change and its likely effects.

Clarisse Cheptou – June 2013

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