Project 90 Action Heroes

1. sept day of action

Learning to make a rocket stove

On a damp and rainy Saturday morning, the Project 90 by 2030 Cape Town clubs met at Little Streams YMCA, a green leafy haven in the heart of Klein Constantia. They were taking part in a specially designed leadership workshop, awarding them for the inspirational work they have done in their schools the previous year.

Inspired by the Community Partnership Programme at Project 90, renewable energy isn’t just for people who can afford it, and we designed a day to teach the club members how to make their own renewable energy using every day materials. With the right materials and a good team, building something such as a solar water heater is not as complicated as it looks.

Tirelo Mputle, the Springfield Convent mentor wrote a short description of the day from her perspective –

“The morning started with icebreakers to get everybody at ease with one another and then progressed to handiwork, which included the making of wonder bags, solar water heaters out of plastic pipes and coke bottles, and a energy efficient rocket stove cooking system. The students worked in groups to replicate energy efficient technologies, which were later presented to the entire group. After all the hands on work, the group enjoyed lunch and absorbed the scenery.

Learning to make a solar water heater from recycled materials

Learning to make a solar water heater from recycled materials

After lunch the students were given the challenge to redefine the meaning of a leader, to which they did exceedingly well. Various traits of a leader were shared such as: having confidence, being responsible, punctual, inspiring and, my favourite, being true to ourselves. The learners talked about various matters including their action hero moments, who their role models are and their hopes and dreams for the future.

Having gone into the process with an open mind, I learned so much about myself. I learned that I am darn good with a needle and thread (making the wonder bag), that to be a great leader you need to be a great teammate and that there is so much hope for the future of our environment given the caliber of  youth that was present.

In closing, a prize giving ceremony was held, during which the extraordinary of the extraordinary were awarded for their efforts and every hero has received their official Project 90×2030 action hero status. That evening a cohort of heroes was let loose form Little Streams, armed with knowledge and ready to make a difference. Watch out world, get ready to change.”

Learning about Leadership

Learning about Leadership

By taking part in this workshop, the participants were able to see something completed from start to finish, and found skills they never knew they had, particularly their practical action and their latent leadership abilities. Like every action hero, there’s a process in finding your own destiny and a learning curve in applying your newly found skills. That said, Project 90 is committed to continue nurturing these young action heroes, encouraging them to continue creating  low carbon communities at their schools and beyond with integrity and flair.

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  1. This is both inspiring and positive – such wonderful work! All the best with expanding the young people’s circle of influence and their impact on the world around them 🙂

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