My COP 19 experience

Tebello Rampo is attending COP 19 with Project 90

Tebello Rampo is attending COP 19 with Project 90

Leaving South Africa to attend my second COP after the last one which was in South Africa, Durban COP17.

COP 19 looks well under pressure as we are on the roadmap to COP21 that takes place in 2015 Paris.

What makes COP 19 special for me is being able to attend it in a different environment from the beginning where I hear the 1st official opening speech.

To be part of a team that is very active and each and every one of us has something different and unique to share, in to making this group of young people on the roadmap to 2015 where we all expect a legal binding agreement to flourish.

Personally it has been a special privilege! I have accepted with all my heart and experience of activism.

I have received words so humbling from people who encourage me to continue being a young climate leader.

The journey itself is overwhelming knowing you will meet other young leaders who might not speak the same language with you, but act in the same considerate way towards the environment.

My presence during the COP19 negotiations in Warsaw, Poland will impact on the change we need.

We are the stewards for this earth.

Tebello Rampo – Project 90 Club Mentor


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