Please donate to help young climate leaders green their schools


In March 2014, Project 90 x 2030 will bring together 300 enthusiastic environmentally conscious youth between the age of 13 -17 in KZN, Gauteng and the Western Cape, to plan carbon cutting projects to ignite change in their schools. In the past schools have chosen to host the Summit with the support of their Project 90 club coordinator. This has allowed Project 90 to foster their relationship with the learners, educators and the school management increasing the possibility for change in their school.

With your support in 2014, we’ll be able to host the KZN summit, bringing in further knowledge and accommodating further club members.

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Project 90 x 2030 Milestones:

Milestone 1: The Tipping Point → We reach this Milestone and our project is a-go!

• Milestone 1: R30 000
Summit KZN good to go! We can hold the first annual clubs Summit of 2014 in Creighton, KZN. Geographically this is the most challenging area to work in, as the schools are spread far and wide. Your money will go towards bringing the learners, educators and Project 90 coordinators together. We’re expecting 180 people to arrive so good, healthy food is a must, as well as making sure we have a tip top programme for all those who attend with the all important materials such as pens, pencils and paper!

• Milestone 2: R40 000
National Reach! Now we’re talking! Project 90 can run two further summits in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Thankfully, it’s easier to organise the summit in these provinces, so your financial backing covers the basics of food and transport in TWO provinces, reaching 120+ more learners!

• Milestone 3: R70 000
What is measured gets managed, what gets managed improves. THREE incredible summits reaching 500 learners, and an exciting and vital addition becomes possible: Project 90 can hold follow up meetings to monitor the progress of club activities and their carbon cutting initiatives. Support can be offered where required, and measurable results can be trumpeted, inspiring a wider reach, and greater future change for 2015 and beyond!

The summit aims to support the youth to:
− discover & nurture conscious young environmental leaders
− create carbon cutting project plans for the 2nd & 3rd term & create support structures to enable implementation
− share stories of successful projects
− listen & learn from the challenges & find solutions
− network with local schools, to partner & share their resources where possible
− learn new skills that can be used in their clubs (e.g. photography, creative
writing, using social media)
− to inspire & mobilise others through their actions
− to laugh, have fun & make new friends.

“Viva Project 90. Be a hope, light and a voice for the voiceless. Bloom and be a flower even in the jungle”.These were the poetic words of Ntando Juqu, one of our Kwa-Zulu Natal Club members after attending the Project 90 Clubs Summit in the Ngwangwane community hall this year.

In 2013, we saw 180 environmentally conscious youth from nine different schools attend the summit. In the rural areas there are fewer opportunities to be involved in extra curricular activities, therefore with your generosity we have the possibility to really make a difference to support these young minds to create the change they want to see in their communities. Thank you!

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