Gee wizz, check out Ewizz

Electric scooter are now available in South Africa

Electric scooters are now available in South Africa

I might be giving away my age here, but I remember when petrol cost 89c per litre. I recall asking my father why they didn’t just round it up to R1 to make the maths easier, and he was aghast, saying that it would be way too expensive. Today petrol costs over R13 per litre.

I have always driven a scooter – aside from the fact that you never have to worry about parking, or have to sit in traffic it’s much more economical than a car and has a smaller carbon footprint.

It costs around R60 to fill my tank and I only fill it once per week, so it costs me around 32.5c per kilometre.

Now I thought that was a pretty sweet deal! But then I came across Ewizz
Electric scooters have now come to South Africa and their fuel costs work out to 4c/km!

Their cheapest model is R20,000 and has a range of 50-80 km before you have to recharge. Recharge takes 8 hours, so plug it in before you go to bed. Obviously your electricity bill is going to increase, but Ewizz calculates that it will cost around R50 for 1000 km in electricity. So you can run your electric scooter for a year for the price of one tank of petrol!

Riding your bicycle or taking public transport are the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint, but if these options are not available to you for your journey to work, swapping your car for an electric scooter will drastically reduce your emissions.

In the future, when South Africa’s electricity supply becomes more renewable energy dependent, you will have a truly zero-carbon ride.


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