Happy (ethical) Valentine’s Day

Indigenous flowers for Valentines Day

Indigenous flowers for Valentines Day

    This Friday is Valentine’s Day. A day to appreciate the ones that you love through romantic gestures. Unfortunately the typical gifts you will find in the shops have a detrimental impact on our environment..teddy bears imported from China, cut flowers flown in by aeroplane, and other junk overwrapped in pink and red plastic. Why not celebrate an ethical Valentine’s Day this year, and show your love for the planet as well. Here is a list of ideas to impress your Valentine:

  • Buy an indigenous plant instead of cut flowers. Cut flowers only last a week, are grown with pesticides, and can be air freighted. An indigenous plant will last for ever.
  • When buying indigenous flowers such as Protea, ask if flowers have been harvested legally. All harvesters should have a Cape Nature permit, otherwise you have no guarantees that the flowers have not been illegally cut down in nature reserves.
  • Give your beloved an experience voucher – a picnic for two on the beach, a home-made meal, doing the dishes for a week, a movie night at home and they get to choose the movie (with your promise not to complain once during the film!)
  • Get creative – make a card out of old cards or magazines. Putting time and effort into a gift is more romantic than just spending lots of money.
  • Write a poem
  • Donate money to a charity close to your Valentine’s heart. It could be an environmental organisation like Project 90 or an animal charity such as the SPCA or a local hospital or childrens’ home.
  • Adopt an animal for your Valentime. SANCCOB offer penguin adoptions. Obviously this is a virtual adoption, you don’t get to take the bird home with you!
  • Adopt a donkey at the Donkey Sanctuary (this is what I got last year and we get regular updates on Kit Kat our donkey)
  • Donate a tree with Green Pop
  • If you do buy your valentine a gift, choose a locally produced gift. Buy a bunch of wire-and-bead flowers.
  • Be creative with using less or no wrapping paper. Newspaper works well too!
  • If you drink champagne, choose a locally produced and organic brand such as Avondale which is MCC certified.
  • Does your valentine like chocolate? Make sure that the chocolate you buy is organic and/or Fairtrade. A good one to buy is Honest Chocolate, raw, organic chocolate made in Cape Town:
  • Give a free hug to a stranger – watch this inspiring video of one man who started the Free Hugs Campaign

Have you had a good Valentine’s gift idea? Please share it with us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  2. A look at the history and the ethics of Valentine’s Day. Friday was Valentine’s Day, a day to appreciate your loved ones.Part of my assignment for a class I am taking is to write a Simonette about a topic of my choice.

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