YouLead-Collective takes off

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First and foremost 90 by 2015 is no more, the group that has ambitiously endeavoured to influence climate negotiations both at international level and national level, has now upgraded itself to now include you. You, the youth are the collective to which the revamped group seeks to target and to work with.

The group is now called the YouLead-Collective. The aim of the group has not changed, but has rather intensified and magnified. The YouLead-Collective, also known as YLC, sees the climate change discussion as something that transcends already defined developmental silos. It is with this principle in mind that the YLC is looking to the youth of SA, Africa and the Global South to critically and actively engage in processes that affect us all.

The name change also does not change the milestone of getting 90 informed African youth engaged and participating in the UNFCCC processes leading to COP21. While in the process, the engaged youth are influencing policy at national and local level, and are also informing the international negotiations of global south interests and concerns as well as policy positions.

The YLC is an open collective that encourages all youth members to get involved, it matters not what your background or education or interests are – with something as crucial as climate change every person’s voice counts.

If you are interested in joining the YouLead-Collective, please email Happy Khambule at happy@90×

Happy Khambule, Policy and Research Officer

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