Project 90 Leadership Clubs – what we’ve been up to

Project 90 Leadership Clubs

Project 90 Leadership Clubs

In December 2013, the Project 90 Clubs team reflected on the year gone by and a decision was made to include in the 2014 programme a focus around leadership. The programme will effectively be a platform to nurture and inspire young African (climate) leaders. One of the key reasons behind the inclusion of leadership as a focus for the clubs, is that it will also formalise the synergies between the clubs programme and Project 90’s newest initiative, the YouLead-Collective – with the clubs essentially becoming an incubator for up and coming climate leaders.

The aim of the Project 90 Leadership Clubs will be to build and develop young South African climate leadership at the high school level, with learners who are informed about the environment and climate issues who are ready to take and drive positive low-carbon action to improve their school communities. It is our hope, by inspiring and mobilising the learners at the high school level that a new way of sustainable thinking and a collaborative leadership will continue to underline how they act now and in the future.

The key changes for 2014 are:

  • We will be concentrating on two regions: KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape, with the possibility to expand to Gauteng in 2015 and other provinces once we have the capacity.
  •  The role of the Club Mentors will be stronger, with emphasis being placed on the creation of firm collaborative relationships with the club members and schools.
  • The Project 90 Leadership Clubs will work with clear objectives over a three year period. By the end of the three years, the clubs will have created a sustainable model for bringing positive environmental change within their school. Following on from the three years, graduates from the Project 90 Leadership Club programme will have the opportunity to apply for a role in the YouLead-Collective initiative to continue developing their leadership skills.

Accompanying these changes will be the new Project 90 Leadership Clubs handbook. The handbook is a tool and reference point for new and existing clubs. It will also be a ‘go-to’ manual for the Club Mentors, as well as the educators.

An electronic copy can be downloaded from our website at: 

Daniel Robinson, National Clubs Coordinator

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