Project 90 lodges complaint over nuclear advert


We disagree that nuclear power is clean, safe or affordable!

Project 90 has laid a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA) against the Department of Energy’s (DoE) recent promotion of nuclear energy.

We came across a note book and water bottle issued by the (DoE)  with the words “nuclear power is a clean, affordable and reliable source of energy”. These promotional materials were handed out at a public event earlier this year.

Here is an extract from the Project 90 press relsease:

“The DoE statement, printed on promotional materials, such as notebooks and water bottles together with the department’s logo was not objectively substantiated with up to date and current documentary evidence, such as feasibility or affordability studies with relevance to the South African context,” said Robert Fischer, Project 90 by 2030’s Head of Policy.

“Unsubstantiated promotion of a technology, product or service breaches several principles of the ASA code,” said Fischer.

By bringing this action against the DoE, said Fischer, Project 90 by 2030 was taking a stand for open and transparent discussions and public consultations about South Africa’s energy future.

“Our sustainable economic development heavily depends on efficient energy use and on an affordable and sustainable energy supply. We know that many South Africans have access to electricity but cannot afford to use it, at the same time millions of households are eagerly awaiting being connected to the grid not knowing what monthly costs to expect,” he said.

Fischer further questioned the argument of nuclear’s affordability for South Africans in comparison to other technologies.

“In 2008, Eskom shelved the new nuclear project because “it is not affordable at this present juncture”. Therefore Project 90 by 2030 requests DoE to substantiate the claim why nuclear power could be an affordable energy source for South Africa this time?” said Fischer.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Do you agree with the DoE’s stance on nucler power? Do you agree they should be promoting it?

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