“Eco Rechargers” Club promote environment

Eco Regarches with their signed pledges

Eco Recharges with their signed pledges

The “Eco Rechargers” are one of Project 90’s environmental clubs, based at Tshwane University of Technology, in Pretoria. They took part in in Wellness event held at Melrose House Museum aiming to inspire, raise and promote environmental awareness.

The Eco Recharges created an Eco Pledge, as part of their initiative. They introduced themselves as environmental advocates and explained the importance of reducing carbon to the public.


The Eco Pledge: we pledge to reduce 90% carbon by 2030

“Although the pledge is self-explanatory to an environmentalist or scientist or environmental activist; however we realised that there are people who are still not aware of climate change and global warming. It gave us a wakeup call; we need to raise our environmental voice beyond limits”. said Pearl Sekwat, one of the members of the Eco Recharges Club.

The Eco Recharges Project 90 environmental Club

The Eco Recharges Project 90 environmental Club with the Welness delegates

That’s not the end of their project, the Eco Recharges plan to get their Eco Pledge signed at an open day at their University where learners from different schools around the country will be attending. They will be joined by the rest of their club members to join them as they raise environmental awareness and inspire others to save the planet from global warming and climate change.


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