Day of Action

Sinathemba2 [640x480]

Watering vegetables

Since the start of the third school term, the Project 90 Leadership Clubs have been gearing up to host a Day of Action in their school communities. The Day of Action is an opportunity for learners, with the support of their mentors, to take initiative to inspire and mobilise their school communities around a particular environmental theme.

In early August, a Leadership Clubs mid-year forum took place at Springfield Convent, where the Western Cape-based Leadership Clubs, together with their mentors, brainstormed ideas and put together a plan for their Days of Action. Just over a month later, three schools completed three very different Days of Action.

Inventive stationary holder, Rhodes High School [640x480]

Reduce, reuse, recycle… re-invent! Inventive stationary holder designed by Rhodes High School

Project 90 Leadership Club members stand proudly at their market stall s... [640x480]

Standing proud at our market stall

 Rhodes High School chose to highlight the issue of waste. The principal kindly agreed that the club could run a stall at the school market on the 29 August – to demonstrate and sell items produced from up-cycled waste. The learners pulled up their creative socks and designed a number of items, which included rolled up paper place mats and plastic cup stationary holders, along with vases made from 2 litre plastic cool drink bottles. They were able to raise money for their Club, and at the same time show how fun it can be to up-cycle waste into something new and creative.

Project 90 Club at South Peninsula give away cakes for 5 bottles or cans [640x480]

Giving away cake for 5 bottles or cans – great incentive for recycling!

Members from the Project 90 Leadership Club at South Peninsula High School bravely stood up at their school assembly in front of 1000 learners to highlight the effects of climate change on our planet. Club member Aanisah Abrahams brilliantly put together a short movie with stunning imagery from around the globe showing just how beautiful Planet Earth is. After the presentation, the Club invited learners to bring along five cans or bottles in exchange for some delicious homemade cake. Some learners had remembered to bring bottles and cans with them to school, others who were keen to get their hands on some cake went in search for bottles and cans on the school grounds. A great incentive to clean up the school!

1 [640x480]

Macassar High plant their tree

2 [640x480]

Team effort!

Macassar High School was kindly given five Cape Beech trees, donated by Plant Culture. The school already has a fynbos garden on the school grounds as well as a thriving vegetable garden just outside the Principal’s office. Educators, Project 90 staff and volunteers joined the Club members in planting the trees during National Arbour Week.

We look forward to sharing more stories from the remaining Clubs on their Days of Action, which will be taking place in the coming months.

To see more pictures and information about the Days of Action, or to follow the Leadership Clubs, visit the Project 90 Club Network Facebook page, and don’t forget to click ‘Like’.


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