Transforming our local community

Transforming our local community

Transforming our local community

Like all great adventures, this event started with an idea. As the saying goes ‘change begins at home’. With that notion steeped well into our core, we began our journey to plan this event in Harfield Village, where Project 90 is based. We hosted an informative session on how the energy crisis is affecting us and some of the practical solutions available. This was team effort to kick-start and transform Harfield Village!

The event took place at the Kenilworth Community Presbyterian Church Hall. Sheryl Ozinsky from the City of Cape Town presented the City’s solar water heating programme and the financial benefits. Sheryl also spoke about various pilot projects that were in motion to get the public educated on this specific intervention. Christian, a Harfield resident, shared his personal experience about his installation and what he had learnt from the whole process. Valerie from Solar Renaissance, Jason from Northface Solar and Chris from Plumblink, all presented to the members of the community as accredited solar water heater installers.

Local residents learn about sustainability

Local residents learn about sustainability

There was also a chance for a discussion on various energy efficient options available on the market. One of the main goals of Policy and Research within Project 90 is active citizenry, which is achieved by educating the members of the community about their rights, responsibility and how they can achieve this.

‘A whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ – bringing our community together reinforces the strength of our ‘whole’.

Neoka Naidoo, Policy and Research Intern



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