Join Project 90 by 2030’s New and Improved User Friendly Blog! Read the latest updates, like the posts you found interesting, and leave a comment so we can know what you thought!

For many years we have used this as our primary platform to stay connected to you and give you the latest updates as they come. But we now have a brand new and improved blog on our website .

We have quite a few great new posts up, such as:


These are just two of the great pieces that we have up that are deep dives into different topics written by our Team, our Community Leaders, and our Young Climate Leaders!

So if you’d like to continue being apart of the latest from Project 90 by 2030 be sure to follow the link below to read more and follow our new blog! We’d be so happy to have you.

Project 90 by 2030 Blog: https://90by2030.org.za/updates/

As well as our social media platforms!


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