Our story

Project 90 by 2030 was established as a national project of the Goedgedacht Trust in July 2007. We registered as our own Not for Profit Organisation (NPO) in July 2013. Our NPO number is 123-630.

Project 90 vision

We envision a world that sustains humanity, where people are valued & earth systems are preserved.

 About Us

We are a change-focused organisation. Our aim is to inspire and bring about significant, positive change in the way we, as humans, engage with earth systems & each other.

Our name

Our name reflects our objective of a significant (90%) change by South Africans in how we engage with earth systems.

What we do

Project 90’s action and engagement is supported by seven pillars.

Board of Governors

Act as stewards & guide Project 90 towards its vision.

Operations & Finances

Ensure Project 90 and its programmes operate efficiently.

Specialist Advisors

Offer diverse insight and expertise to add value to Project 90’s work.


Community Partnership Programme

Co-creating vibrant & sustainable communities – focusing on energy, water, justice and enterprise development.

Communicating Change Programme

Create tools to inform, support & inspire people in changing the way they live and engage with the environment.

Policy & Research Programme

Influence policy & decision makers and empower citizens in South Africa, towards affordable access to renewable energy & efficient use of natural resources.

Young Leaders Programme

Discover & nurture young South Africans to become environment-conscious leaders and decision makers.



2 responses to “Our story

  1. Dear Project 90 by 2030,
    It has been suggested that inustrial hemp could be effective in taking carbon dioxide out of the air if we let it grow (growing plants take out carbon dioxide). http://www.hemporium.com/ has some interesting information.
    You can get a free global warming song to sing at http://swayseeker.blogspot.com/
    Eddie Miller (Swayseeker)

  2. If readers would like to know more about biodiesel they can visit http://www.green-diesel.co.za

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