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Ask An Expert: Information on renewable energy sector in SA

Q: I am keen to keep myself up-to-date on what is going on in the renewable energy sector in South Africa. Do you have any suggestions on where I can look?

A: Good starting points are:

Electricity Governance Initiative of South Africa 
DoE’s website on the REIPPP Programme

For information on activities within the renewable energy sector, have a look at the following websites:
SESSA – Sustainable Energy Society of South Africa 
SAAEA – Southern African Alternative Energy Association
SAPVIA – South African Photovoltaic Industry Association
SAWEA – South African Wind Energy Association
SABIA – South African Biogas Industry Association

Research institutions to keep a look out on, include:
RECORD – renewable energy centre of research and development
CRSES – Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies
ERC – Energy Research Centre at UCT


Ask An Expert: Cooking with less energy

Q: I think I use a lot of electricity for my cooking. I like to cook meals, which require long cooking times, like beans, stews and samp. What can I do to save energy?

A: Soaking your dry beans overnight before cooking is one way, but some people complain that this would affect the taste. Another way to save electricity when cooking is to make use of the fantastic Wonderbag! It’s actually a kind of donut-shaped pillow, filled with insulating material. After you’ve brought your beans or stew to boiling, put your pot into the Wonderbag, cover it and wait until food is ready! As simple as that. Read what Nontando writes about her wonderbag