The Tyranny of Realism

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The Tyranny of Realism- to what extent is our present and future energy development constrained by the past? This is a question that our most recent report seeks to answer.

“This volume seeks to prompt balanced discussion of a number of themes, but also presents a line of argument, that there is one decision that is unequivocally and urgently required: to prioritise the deployment of renewable energy technologies in the short term, immediately and ambitiously, and increase the share of renewable resources in the energy mix as rapidly and extensively as possible into the long term”.
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Meet our mentors

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Each one of our Project 90 Leadership Clubs has their own mentor, to assist and guide them through the year to create and grow a group of young leaders that lead and inspire positive change through action in their community. We introduce you to four of our young mentors, who are playing a role in shaping the lives of others. Continue reading


Introducing Project 90’s Keep It Bag

Project 90 is now selling our latest product: the Keep it Bag. A slow cooker bag to cook your food in which will help save energy costs. Please contact us to place your order. Continue reading


Traditional Heritage supports Sustainable Living

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I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Heritage Day yesterday!

One of our volunteers, Nokubonga, has written a blog post on her thoughts around our current path of development not catering to preserving our natural heritage. She says: healthy ecosystems are the birthright of all, and are central to our unique cultures, traditions and religions. We need to ensure that meeting our needs today does not compromise on the ability for future generations to meet theirs. Continue reading


Amazing recycling ideas

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Today is National Recycling Day – I’ve put together a few really brilliantly clever re-using and recycling ideas to inspire you. Continue reading


Painting a colourful picture of our energy future

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Why does Eskom not adapt its operations to better suit the world we live in today? This is the question Happy Khambule is asking in an article published in the Green Times. He writes about Eskom and the role they are playing in South Africa’s energy future. Continue reading


New project to improve schools’ water and energy access

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Mikhail Grant, a volunteer from the USA joined our Community Partnership Programme on a site visit in Kwa Zulu Natal. Project 90 is about to launch two new projects which will combine the work of our Community Partnership Programme with our Leadership Clubs Programme. We have selected two of our Leadership Cubs schools to improve their electricity and water access. The CPP team set out to rural Kwa-Zulu Natal to assess the energy and water situation of the two schools. Continue reading