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5 days, 15 kgs and 80 kms

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I recently did an epic hike through the Fish River Canyon in Southern Namibia, the second biggest canyon in the world. I had to carry everything I needed for the five days that it would take to walk the 80 km trail. Although I tried really hard to pack light, my backpack weighed a hefty 15 kilos. But the realisation that I could actually survive on what I can carry on my own back for almost a week was profound. It made me realise how much ‘stuff’ I have back home and I’m hoping this experience will give me the push that I need to start trimming down my cluttered life. Continue reading


Behaviour Change

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With the upcoming elections just around the corner, Stephen Davis, our behaviour change researcher, talks about why it is important to ensure that our leaders are accountable, and that includes making a commitment to being accountable ourselves.
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