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Local school leads the way in sustainability

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The 9th of April is Family Day, so this month our theme here at Project 90 will focus around the family, giving you ideas and tips to cut carbon at home and start living a greener lifestyle. Our first story for the month is about an amazing school in Kommetjie. Sasha Wainwright, our Programme Administrator, is also a qualified pre- school teacher. She has always dreamt of a school that is holistic in its approach and has a healthy environment, teaches young people to love the earth we live on and create a space of integrity for our earth and all its creatures. She recently visited Imhoff Waldorf School in Kommetjie and foundit inspirational. Using the re-use, recycle approach, this school is an example to us all of how we really can make a difference in the world on so many levels. Continue reading


Living off-grid – it can be done

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This week is National Water Week, a time to remind ourselves not to waste this precious resource. Could you live without water from your local municipality or electricity from Eskom? Although for many citizens in SA this is a daily reality, it is rare to see this happening in a more affluent neighbourhood. I met two amazing pioneers whose dream is to be totally water and energy self-sufficient and I was lucky enough to receive a guided tour of their incredible home. Continue reading


Go off Grid

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Reducing your dependency on coal-fired electricity from Eskom is easier than you think. Robert Fischer, our renewable energy consultant, gives us the low down on all you need to know to set up your own renewable energy electrcitiy system at home. Cutting your costs, your carbon footprint and having energy independence. Wow, what are we all waiting for? Continue reading


Saving energy in your kitchen

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If you want to start saving energy in the kitchen, here is a good place to start. We’ve put together some helpful tips to help you conserve energy while cooking your favourite meal – happy cooking! Continue reading


Now you’re cooking with (less) gas

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At Project 90 we set ourselves a challenge every month to cut carbon in one way or another. Recently, cooking was under the spotlight. We came up with loads of different ways to save energy while cooking and Glen Tyler, our National Campaigns Manager, gives us a few tips on using a hot box, as well as a tasty recipe. If you have any cooking tips, please leave a comment – we’d love to hear from you. Continue reading


How to optimise your computer’s power use

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Here are a few quick tips from our energy expert, Gary Fahy, on how to ensure that your computer uses as little electricity as possible. Continue reading


Is your pool pump guzzling energy?

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Your swimming pool pump is one of the highest energy consumers in your household. Our energy expert, Gary Fahy, shows you how to ensure that your pump runs efficiently. So, get your calculator out and start planning what you will do with your extra savings (something low carbon of course!). Continue reading