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Playing Chicken

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There has been a lot of coverage lately of SA raising import duty fees on chicken imported from Brazil. So what’s all the fuss about, what does it have to do with climate change, and what can you do about it? Continue reading


A dummies guide to biodiesel

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February is the month of love, so today we are loving alternative energy and take a look at biodiesel. What is it? What are the advantages? What are the issues that are being debated around it? And if you’re feeling adventurous, we show you how to make your own biodiesel! What are your feelings on the ‘food versus fuel’ debate? Do you think biofuels can play an important role in cutting our global carbon emissions, or is yet another way for large corporations to trash the planet in the name of being green? Continue reading


Food footprints

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The food we eat in today’s world is becoming ever more processed, increasingly packaged, and is coming from further away. Kiwi fruit from New Zealand, dates from Israel, tomatoes and avocados from Spain. We drive to the shops in our cars to buy trolleys of food wrapped in plastic and nestled on polystyrene trays. But do we stop to think what impact our food choices are having on the earth? More and more people are beginning to question where their food comes from, what chemicals were used and how far it has travelled. Choosing locally produced, organic and seasonal food can significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

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Project 90 allotment flourishes

I went to visit the allotment over the weekend, after being away for 6 weeks, and was amazed at how well it is doing! Everyone has been busy planting, watering and digging.

Here are some pictures showing our working vegetable garden.. previously a piece of tarmac! And if you haven’t already seen it, please watch Michael Struwig’s fantastic video of our allotment party hosted in October.


This is a good time of year to start planting your herbs and veggies. Eating your own produce is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, and can be a very rewarding experience.

The Allotment in Observatory is flourishing


Stressed desserts

Today is World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. It aims to highlight the urgent need to curb desertification and combat drought across the world and to strengthen the visibility of this issue on the international environmental agenda.

This year, the Day’s slogan is “Enhancing soils anywhere enhances life everywhere”. As 2010 is the year of biodiversity the UN is educating the public on the relationship between desertification and the loss of biodiversity within the soil.

On their website they state: “Healthy soils produce life, and yet soil health depends a lot on how individuals use their land. What we do to our soils determines the quality and quantity of the food we eat and how our ecosystems serve us. Our increasing ecological interdependence also means enhancing soils anywhere enhances life everywhere.”

We have two inspiring videos that we urge you to watch today. The first was submitted in a contest, “U@50” by a 20 year old and is the opposite of a palindrome. A palindrome reads the same backwards as forward, but this exceptionally clever video reads the exact opposite backwards as forward.

Watch the video here

Our second video, My Paper Boat, is the story of a little boy in the heart of India who can no longer play with his boat due to drought. This video manages to portray a world of meaning in less than 2 minutes and without using words. Watch the video here

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have a garden with good soil why not start a vegetable garden today. You could start off with planting a few pots of herbs and begin to prepare your soil so that you can start to plant in Spring.  

Here are some great websites to get you started:


Do you have a vegetable garden? Send us your pictures and we’ll feature your veggie patch on our Blog.

21 June 2010

Here are a few pictures of my vegetable garden at home: