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Counting the costs: fracking

In this final post of our three-part series on counting the hidden cost of coal, nuclear and fracking, we delve deeper into the real price of fracking and find that it is not the cheap energy alternative it claims to be. Continue reading


Let us not go quietly into a bleak future

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Don’t worry everyone, Shell has assured us that fracking is harmless. The frack fluids are just like a hand lotion or gel. The fracking process does not cause pollution. No, it is the improperly encasing of wells that causes the pollution.
Oh, and nothing will go wrong – there will be no contamination. Unless something goes wrong. Which it won’t. Continue reading


Fracking: your chance to say ‘no’

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Now that we know what fracking is, it is time to start voicing our opposition to this destructive process. Screenings of Gasland, a documentary about fracking, are happening next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Cape Town and there is a public meeting on Friday 25 March at the Sports Science Institute in Newlands. This is our chance to tell Shell to leave our beautiful Karoo alone, so please come along to make your voice heard. Read more for details..

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What the frack is fracking?

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There has been a lot in the news about fracking in the Karoo recently. We take a look at what is it and why it is so destructive. We’ve included a link to the anti-fracking petition, please sign it and forward to your friends and family. We don’t need this highly invasive, polluting technology that would use billions of litres of water in our water-stressed country! Continue reading