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IRP2 update – energy plan released to public

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You may recall we have written a few blog posts about the Government’s energy plans for South Africa (also known as the IRP2). The last time you heard from us, the plan had been approved, but not released to the public. Now that the document has been released, we take a look at the good news, the not-so-good news and the mixed messages. This is a great summary for those of you who will not have the time to read through and analyse the whole document! We’d love to hear from you -send us a comment – what is your opinion on the plan?
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SA’s energy plan approved by cabinet

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The Government’s energy plan for South Africa, known as the IRP2010, was approved by cabinet this month (March 2011). We are disappointed to see that nuclear was included and that plans for coal have remained unchanged, but it was not all bad news… Continue reading