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Transforming our local community

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At Project 90, we work with many communities all around South Africa, and so we decided that it would be good to work in our own community too! We hosted an informative session for the local residents in Harfield Village, where our office is based. We discussed how the energy crisis is affecting our local communities and presented some of the practical solutions available. Continue reading


The Tyranny of Realism

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The Tyranny of Realism- to what extent is our present and future energy development constrained by the past? This is a question that our most recent report seeks to answer.

“This volume seeks to prompt balanced discussion of a number of themes, but also presents a line of argument, that there is one decision that is unequivocally and urgently required: to prioritise the deployment of renewable energy technologies in the short term, immediately and ambitiously, and increase the share of renewable resources in the energy mix as rapidly and extensively as possible into the long term”.
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Power behind the scenes

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Hin Wah, our Communications Programme Manager, wrote a lovely piece for the Green Times magazine about our wave turbine installation at the Two Oceans Aquarium. A continuous wave is needed to keep the kelp and other plants in the aquirium alive. Project 90 teamed up with the aquarium to design and build a wave turbine which could create this wave without using electricity. Continue reading


Help Eskom and help yourself

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It seems the whole of Cape Town was affected by the recent load shedding a few weeks ago when Eskom’s coal reserves were soaked by unusually long and heavy rains. Our office didn’t have power for most of the morning, which made me realise how reliant on electricity we all are (and the need for solar panels on our office roof!) But what other options does our country have, which is so heavily reliant on coal? And what can you as an individual do? Robert Fischer gives us some advice and looks at the short and long tem options. Continue reading


A Wave Ahead

In November 2013, Project 90 celebrated the completion of the second phase of our renewable energy demonstration site partnership with the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. What made this partnership extra special was the development of an innovative wave-powered generator created to capture wave energy produced in the kelp forest exhibit. This short film “A Wave Ahead” documents the development of the generator from conceptualisation to installation. Continue reading


Power Up! A Just Energy Transition in the South

In October 2013, Project 90 by 2030 hosted an international conference outside Cape Town for NGOs from Brazil, India and South Africa to initiate South-South collaboration regarding Renewable Energy policy.

Ten delegates working for civil society organizations from each country got together to elaborate and visualise on what a Just Energy transition can look like, particularly in a context of climate change and predicted environmental degradation. Their focus was on strategizing for better policies and implementation of renewable energy.

In this video you will see what some of the issues around energy for the global south are and what we would like to see for the future. Continue reading


Project 90 completes renewable installation at Grail Centre

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Project 90’s Community Partnership Programme aims to co-create vibrant and sustainable communities – focusing on energy, water, justice and enterprise development.

We partnered with the Grail Centre Trust to install renewable energy on their buildings at the Grail Centre in Kleinmond. The installations are finally complete, and the Project 90 staff all took a daytrip to Kleinmond to officially launch our latest project. Continue reading