Power up! A Just energy transition for the south

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On the 7th October Project 90 by 2030 will host a week-long international conference –  Power Up! – A just energy transition for the south. The conference will consider what a beautiful, smart and realistic energy supply picture for the South could look like by 2030.

Project 90 is a lead organiser of this conference, and it is very exciting to be in contact with organisations from across the globe that are also working on inspiring change for a more sustainable way of living. The organisations that are going to attend are respected NGOs within the energy and human settlement sector in India, Brazil and Southern Africa. Senior staff representing 10 selected organisations from each of these countries will gather and bring along their experience and visions for the future to the conference so that we together can create a collective vision that can inspire us all. . We obviously can’t tell what this picture will look like yet, but I suspect it will involve community owned energy cooperatives, healthy energy access for all, empowering feed in tariffs,  sustainable jobs, decentralised power supply that works for people and rather than for big cooperation’s and a healthy planet and working society that we are proud to hand over to future generations.

How will we get to this collective vision? After we have considered how it might look like we will spend time on strategizing how to get there. What policies will have to be put in place? By when? What kind of energy choices do we want to see implemented? How is this going to be financed? How can we get our message across? And how can we go about all of this in the most effective way?

Look out for videos and outcomes from the conference on the webpage

Henning Brand, Lead organiser: South South Renewable Energy conference, Project 90 by 2030

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