From Poland to Paris: a generation of young leaders

Our team in Poland

Our team in Poland

Our mission at Project 90 by 2030 is to inspire and mobilise society towards a low carbon generation.

Young people in Africa are central to achieving this. Working together with this vibrant group –today’s activists, tomorrow’s leaders – we dare people from all sectors of society to change behaviour and adopt a sustainable and resilient lifestyle.

Paris, 2015: this is a key milestone in the United Nations’ (UN) bid to get global leaders to sign an international agreement that will slow the emissions of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change.

And we want our young leaders and activists present at this important UN gathering. They will be present at these negotiations, tracking the process, calling their governments to account, sending vital news back to their home communities, and inspiring their peers to join them in leading their
country towards a low carbon future.

The end goal: taking them to the climate conference in Paris in 2015. The first milestone to getting them there: the UN climate talks in Poland in November 2013.

Today’s engaged youth, tomorrow’s influential leaders

Paris 2015 could be a game changer: the year when world leaders have the chance to sign into life a global law that will slow the release of greenhouse gas emissions driving climate change. Our youth must be there, at the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework
Convention on Climate Change – or COP21 – learning from the process, inspiring their peers, and holding governments to account.

We plan to send a delegation of 90 young African emerging leaders to COP21 to serve as skilled and critical observers of the process, and to be an inspiration to a new generation of informed and influential climate activists.

Poland 2013 (COP19) is the training ground for 10 of these youth, and the first stop in a two-year preparation for the all-important global climate summit in Paris in December 2015.

Imagining a better future, demanding a new way

We have already demonstrated the powerful potential of our youth through Project 90 by 2030’s 2011 Youth Forum. Over a two-month process, we worked with 20 South Africans between the ages of 17 and 22 to develop their leadership skills. They pulled together to exchange ideas about the mindset, policy and legislative changes needed to truly tackle climate change. They then took their
key messages to regional and international meetings culminating with the Durban climate summit, COP17, in November 2011.

With Paris 2015 in sight, we would like to redouble our efforts, preparing an even stronger delegation of young Africans to take up the cause for their continent. With the right support, this energetic and fresh generation can be part of finding solutions to the world’s sustainability

Tomorrow’s leaders: more than half of Africa’s population is below the age of 19. They are the future of the continent and will inherit the decisions which current leaders make.

Africa to account: Africa must be part of finding solutions to climate change. African leaders must be held accountable for their performance at the international negotiations. And they must be influenced to measure up to those promises and commitments once they return home. The youth we send to Poland will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to hold
their leaders to account.

To follow the progress of our team follow them on their blog:

Or follow them on twitter @90by2015


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