Dreaming a beautiful future

Our energy future?

In these last few weeks of run-up to COP17, Project 90 by 2030 is collaborating with a number of other organisations who are concerned about what we leave behind for future generations. We’re taking key questions about our electricity future (and the obvious influence that this has on emissions for South Africa, and also on all aspects of social and economic justice), to members of Parliament!

Our goal is to really listen to what our representatives have to say and provide them with as much assistance and value as we can. We also feel that it is really important to give voice to what the broader South African communities are thinking and feeling. This is where you can help.

We have designed a survey to get your views on what you think South Africa’s biggest priorities  in energy policy should be and how you think we can ensure energy equality for all. Each question provides you with a number of options, which you can then rate in order of importance. There is also a space for additional comments – and we’d love to hear yours.

So please take a few minutes to complete our survey and please circulate the link to the survey to your network, and take a few minutes NOW to give your input.


Please complete the survey by the end of Tuesday the 24th of October 2011.

If you have any questions about this survey, or if you require any assistance whatsoever in completing it, please contact: Candice Pelser on  021 674 5094, candice@90×


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